How p3v Is Different From Other Apps/Sites

There are so many apps and sites that allow people to interact with each other, so why should you use p3v? If you are a performer, or someone who wants to interact with your fans, and be paid directly for those interactions, then there is only one obvious choice.

Other Apps/Sites

  • User and performer need to sign up for membership
  • Site takes a large percentage of income for providing the service
  • Models/performers wait online for interaction
  • Chats, text, and other info goes through the site


  • No need to sign up for memberships, privates are paid for in real-time
  • Performers can choose how much they charge per min and keep 70% or more
  • Performer sends invites to interested viewers, once paid they begin the call
  • Video calls are encrypted and go directly to your device, nothing is stored